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21 Days to Serial Abundance

21 Days to Serial Abundance is a comprehensive 21-day incremental increase into feeling and seeing greater abundance in your life.

I'm sharing some potent and advanced spiritual concepts that help you connect the dots to bringing you more peace, harmony, prosperity and joy using the most powerful guidelines of abundance that exist, the Spiritual Laws that govern the Universe.

This series of talks are designed to shift your consciousness to a higher and more expansive way of experiencing reality, using teachings taken right from my signature group program, Leading Edge Creator.

Come and join us and get aligned with the harmony and abundance of the Universe and create congruence with your innate birthright of prosperity and growth over these 21 days.

Join the 21 Days to Serial Abundance program in my Member Vault Academy of programs.

You will receive access to all of the live calls on Zoom, all of the replays over these 21 days, PLUS BONUSES of guided meditations and supplemental journal prompts to help you create the mental shifts that elevate your consciousness in order to align with the prosperous, healthy, wealthy level of vitality that you've been fantasizing about.

You'll have access to the replays and bonuses for as long as you like.

21 Modules

Day 2 ~The Law of Assumption

Why is scripting so powerful and consciousness altering? Today we discuss how working with the Law of Assumption will introduce a consciousness breakthrough.

Day 3 ~ STOP Creating a Negative Vision

How we create Negative Visions for ourselves.....

You want to be wealthy because it is a compensating tendency to desire money if you feel impoverished.

Scarcity and lack are the overriding energies ruling your consciousness. Your subconscious, rooted in the fear of all that you THINK and BELIEVE you are, becomes the dutiful servant of that fear, regardless of what you say you want.

Your desired creations will end up being 'near-misses' in a series of different trial-and-error attempts and you'll say, "Manifesting doesn't work for me!"

Except you won't realize that manifesting is working extremely well for you, because the Universe is paying attention to the predominant frequency of lack, victimhood and fear of being inadequate, which makes up the bulk of your attention--- and not the conscious words you say or affirmations that you write down that comprise a small fraction of what your body and mind are focused on.

Once you turn this around and repurpose the energy of your Unconscious/Subconscious Belief System, Ego fear is no longer in charge of your creations.

Day 4 ~ The Law of Emptiness

If you've never heard of the Law of Emptiness, I'll explain how I got the powerful message of what this Spiritual Law means and how it is used to create real, lasting positive change.

Day 5 ~ Changing the Self Concept to Vibrate with the Life You Desire

The Self-Concept sets the boundaries of what you can accomplish. It defines what you can and cannot do. If you want to get to the truth of living your desired life, you must get in vibrational alignment with the truth of yourself.

Day 6 ~ Law of Vibration, Law of Least Action

Want to know why just focusing on The Law of Attraction doesn't work?

Because it doesn't exist in a vacuum. It is constantly in concert with the other natural Spiritual Laws that shape the fabric of the Cosmos. ...and most people misunderstand the meaning and application of this Universal Law.

Day 7 ~ The RAS

Welcome Back! In Day 7, lets talk about the RAS. You have a primordial part of the brain stem that is programmed to help you survive, The Reticular Activating System. And you can program it to help you thrive!

Day 8 ~ The Brain Room and Pineal Gland Activation

Today, we move away from discussion and move into a guided energy practice that purifies and activates the Pineal Gland.

Through focusing on 8 key areas of life; Health, Wealth, Relationships, Purpose, Passion, Contribution, Spirituality and Self-Trust, we will bring attention to the energy of what is no longer desired or useful in your life and transmute the energy into fuel for growth in the above 8 areas.

This is a beautiful experience in accessing the WHOLENESS of you that you'll want to return to again and again. Enjoy!

Day 9 ~ Life is NOT Linear

Life Isn't Linear. Life moves and cycles and spirals. Let me share with you what that means and get ready to experience a powerful consciousness breakthrough and A-AHA moment today!

Day 10 ~ Consciousness is the Key

Welcome to Day 10!

"People don't resist change, people resist being changed."

This is the underlying premise for why long-term transformation is difficult for most people to establish. Without transforming the self-concept and inner paradigm of being, beneficial outcomes and positive moves forward are fleeting experiences at best.

Day 11 ~ The Backwards Law

We already possess what we seek but fail to recognize it. This is because we don't truly know ourselves at our Core Essence and Truth.

Day 12 ~ The 3 Things Keeping People Stuck

There are 3 Things Keeping People Stuck.
There are 3 things that are holding you back from feeling the strength and purpose of your own power.
These distractions and distortions of reality keep people feeling hopeless and powerless and when unchecked and unquestioned, leads most people to feel defeated and ineffectual in their own lives.

Day 13 ~ STOP Believing your Beliefs

Who do you need to become and what do you need to believe in order to live the life you desire? The only thing keeping you from that ideal is a mismatched identity.

Day 14 ~ The Environment is your Looking Glass

The outcomes and results you are experiencing are a direct reflection of the image of yourself you are holding in your mind.

Day 15 ~ Seeding the Garden: The Law of Increase

Leaving everyone with the impression of increase is how we 'Seed the Garden' for the highest benefit of all.

Day 16 ~ The Subconscious Mind Knows only YOU

The Subconscious Mind has no alternate view of itself. It operates with a single self-concept.

This is one of the most simple and elegant ways of understanding through the subconscious, the superconscious premise of The Law of One.

So, when you judge others, you are judging yourself.

When you don't forgive others, you are not forgiving yourself.

Day 17 ~ Intend, Project, Expect

Intend, Project, Expect.

This forms a powerful trifecta of Success for magnetizing your desires to you. Master this trifecta and become a Master of your Reality.

Day 18 ~ Gifts in the Garbage

Your Gifts in the Garbage are those Forks in the Road-- where you realize that the version of you that got you to this moment is not the same version that has the capability to take you where you are going.

So, you must ask..."What kind of decision do I get to make right now that puts me ahead of where I am in this moment?"

Day 19 ~ Persistence in the Vision

Persistence is a continuous focus and unwavering belief in your desired outcomes and in the face of all opposition.
It is exactly in these moments of adversity and perceived contrast to your desired state of being that it is essential to persist in the assumption that what you want is already here.

Day 20 ~ Face What You Fear

The opposite of fear is Faith.

The opposite of doubt and worry is understanding.

When you consciously recognize what you fear, you are able to see that it is acting as a catalyst, an agent of the Universe showing you that you are on your way to embodying what you are asking for.

It's a signpost that growth is on the other side and that the version of you that got you to this point is at the finish line. Time to calibrate to a level of consciousness that supports where you're going, not who you've been.

Greet the fear and the Terror Barrier as such and you are willingly expanding your consciousness so you can inhabit the way of being you are asking for.

What you desire most already exists, but you can only see the contents of your own consciousness. The possibilities and solutions are veiled from your view if you will not willingly grow in your awareness.Face What you Fear and expand the contents of your consciousness so that you can bring the imagination into creative union with WHAT ALREADY IS.

Day 21 ~ The Truth Shall Set You Free

Day 21! What an incredible journey this has been! I've truly enjoyed bringing this wisdom to you.

Today we wrap up all 21 days of messages with this final message, The Truth Shall Set you Free.

For what is the truth but KNOWING that you ARE the Creator of your experience of reality?

You are NOT the creator of events. It is that the focus on and unwavering dedication to your assumption that you ARE already ALL THAT you wish to experience that dictates the course of events.

Embrace this truth and act in accord with this above all else and you will be set free from the shackles that contract and restrict your own consciousness of WHAT IS.

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