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Living Intuitively ~ Embodied Superconscious Flow

Maybe you're looking for deeper answers.

Perhaps you want greater clarity about your true nature and purpose.

It could also be that you desire more insight about your relationship to yourself and to Source Energy.

You may want to tap into greater creativity or increase the level of wisdom you derive from your dreams.

It could also be that you want to truly experience the magic and miracles in everyday life.

All of these reasons listed above are just a snapshot of why people want to study intuition with me.

But I find that no matter what the reason may be to want to fine-tune their intuitive acuity, there is one very common fear and two pervasive myths.

The FEAR most people have is that when deepening into their inner reality, they're going to see things they don't want to see or know things they don't wish to know.

In other words, they will not be able to handle what they discover.


Firstly, your intuitive sense is your direct experience of reality.

It is what is 'obvious' about the nature of reality, not the mind's or ego's perception of it based on your personal and collective perspectives on reality. That is why intuition is also called 'direct knowing' because it is a direct line of communication from your soul's perspective, which is based in love and higher spiritual truth.

While it is true that when excavating the depths of your inner reality in order to create a pure connection with your intuitive knowing, you will encounter some uncomfortable and sometimes confronting misperceptions about yourself.

However, your higher intuitive self is loving and is only showing you what you are ready to finally see and release in order to unlock the genius gifts that have never been allowed the space to blossom and enhance your experience of life.

Myth #1 ~ You think you have to be born with special gifts and talents.

We are all born intuitive and empathic. As tiny humans we are extremely sensitive and empathic and if anything, we get 'learned out of' this connection with our higher intuitive knowing in favor of using the rational mind to solve all of our problems. Your intuition is in fact your first sense, not the sixth sense as some would believe.

Myth #2 ~ You believe that being intuitive is the same as being psychic.
False again.

While there is great overlap here, let's clear this up.

When increasing your connection with and learning to trust more in your intuitive guidance, you are exercising a natural human ability of 'direct knowing' or direct experience of reality through superconscious perception.

This doesn't mean you're going to pick the winning lottery numbers or start prophesying future world events. (Although hey, some of my clients are mediums and psychics and navigate well through all manner of psychic phenomena BECAUSE they have devoted their lives to living intuitively.)

Living Intuitively and adopting the intuitive way of life is much more about living in presence, maintaining a connection to Pure Source through direct knowing of reality, and being open to a level of awareness that allows you to derive more efficient, more elegant and upscale solutions to life's challenges so you may live in harmony, ease and flow instead of feeling you need to push, force or struggle at life.

Living Intuitively ~ Embodied Superconscious Flow is a sanctuary of support that uplifts your spirit to a place beyond striving, beyond the confines and structure of the linear mind and well beyond your misperceptions about where you feel you are incomplete or incapable of the life you desire.

Living Intuitively ~ Embodied Superconscious Flow Spiritually advanced intuitive immersion into remembering how to actively engage with and consciously enhance your intuitive capabilities.

6 Modules

Who and What You're Not

Fundamentals of applying superconscious guidance and merging with Universal Flow.

Recorded calls uploaded into each module are Supplemental Discovery Calls with Growth 


De-story the Personality

The more you de-story (destroy) the personality, the more you enhance your intuitive awareness.

Shift from Ego to Superconscious Orientation

Moving from ego orientation to superconscious orientation.

Become a Clear Channel of your Intuition

The nature of your intuition versus the nature of ego. Channeling your Inner Intuitive Guide.

Transforming Negativity into Insight

How to turn problems into solutions and fortifying your intuitive connection. Activating the Diamond Body. Cocktail of Sacred Soul Alignments to enhance psychic/intuitive ability.

Taking Aligned Action on your Direct Knowing

The most difficult part of interacting with your intuition is following its guidance and applying that. This class breaks down why it is so difficult AND how to apply this wisdom. Journey of 8D and the Divine Mind.

Modules for this program 6
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