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Look at your transformation as a re-identification and a restructuring of your reality that supports who you already are, in your truth, in your fullness.

Look at GROWTH, not in terms of a launchpad that skyrockets you to your most fervent desire and prepares you for a sprint to the next waypoint you dream about.

You're here for the marathon, the long game.

Why the RUSH to be authentically YOU if you are already THAT and she is ALREADY HERE?

Why the PUSH to do MORE, be MORE, have MORE when it is all already inside you?

Your sense of urgency for all of the above is not coming from your higher self.

It's coming from ego and a part of you that needs to be safe and protected.

You still believe that you're OVER HERE and what you want is OVER THERE. The sense of wanting is keeping you directly at odds with HAVING and BEING.

You still believe that outward accumulation of things will finally make you feel secure, safe, protected.

What, and more importantly, WHO are you protecting?


If you want to grow spiritually, feel at peace with yourself and be open to the fullness of a life that brings you joy and abundance, you must open your heart and let go of THE OLD YOU.

You keep trying to change outward circumstances in order to reflect back to you that you are worthy, safe, loved, abundant and ultimately, at peace with yourself and the world around you.

There's a better way to re-organize your reality so you feel more supported, abundant, present, grounded, whole and open to the adventure of life and it isn't called a Quantum Leap.

It is a Re-Emergence into LIFE that transcends the rigid borders of your self-imposed limitations.

It's a re-entry into the freedom of feeling life as it is meant to be-- open and full of possibility instead of something you're constantly trying to protect yourself against.

Life isn't a threat or something to vigilantly 'get through' unscathed.

You're here to LIVE LIFE as ONE VERSION of you, not from many disjointed and fragmented parts scattered by fear.

From this vantage point, you suffer endlessly from the unrequited desire to feel the fullness of LIFE when you always feel less than WHOLE.

Journey beyond and transcend your outdated version of self.

Re-emerge into a level of reality that you get to redesign and restructure so it is adapted to satisfy the version of you that you finally ACCEPT and give yourself permission to know and feel.

4 Modules

Re-Emergence Day 1 ~ Know WHO You Are

Welcome to Re-Emergence Program! Enjoy these 4 days of audio calls and please use the comment section to answer questions or to send me questions.

Many blessings to you and I truly hope this 4 day journey of transformation and higher frequency awareness that catapults your spiritual journey forward!

Re-Emergence Day 2 ~ Open Your Heart

We follow-up yesterday's call with an understanding of how we protect ourselves by closing the heart and how we can keep the heart open.

Re-Emergence Day 3 ~ Your Double Life: Dance with Duality

Today, we examine and discuss the Dance of Contrast between The Seat of the Self and your Self-Concept. Instead of trying to kill or destroy the ego, do something that is more empowering and useful.

Re-Emergence Day 4 ~ Your Spiritual Journey: Soften and Keep the Heart Open

You can experience everything in its dual nature and keep your heart open through it all. You can accept both light and dark and you don't have to ignore either.

Modules for this program 4
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