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Women Walking the Phoenix Path

Women Walking the Phoenix Path.

How do you know you are on this path?

You are ready to demand the best for yourself now.

No more waiting, making excuses, putting LIFE on hold.

You've risen up, past and through many situations where you have put your life, your passion, your vision and your dreams on hold.

Many of life's previous situations or structures of being that you've allowed to define or confine you have now broken down-- careers changed or abandoned, children raised, marriages and family relationships collapsed and/or dissolved, and previous beliefs about yourself and reality no longer hold up as truth.

You find yourself in a level of profound self-awareness now that you may not have experienced before.

You know yourself better.

~ You can see, maybe for the first time, where your trauma, pain and deep wounds have been hiding in plain sight and you are adamant about not letting them define you or confine you any longer.

~ You have a level of self-recognition and courage in the light of knowing that there is no going back, only brave steps forward, creating the life you always wanted.

~ You know that it is not just that your frequency has shifted. It is that your entire foundation of being, built on a previous version of self, has collapsed and it is time to discover the bedrock that you'll build the rest of your life on.

Now, you get to start putting pieces together that didn't resonate before.

You get to start over from experience and apply your emotional intelligence, hard-won resilience and wisdom in order to elevate your commitment to yourself.

You have a firm resolve to live life differently, courageously and with a set of boundaries and guidelines that you get to create as you go.

You recognize that NOW is the time to set yourself FREE.


I'm issuing a rallying cry to all women who are dedicated to their rise, their renewal, their reinvention and the rebuilding of a new and more preferable reality.

If you are paying more than lip service to your own personal reinvention, then you are on the Phoenix Path, ready to WALK the TALK.

I have been quietly redeveloping and revamping hypnotherapeutic techniques that I have used to help my clients create profound identity shifts in order to inhabit and resonate with their ideal reality in the long term.

You see, it is not just a matter of shifting your thoughts, moving past limiting beliefs, or even changing your mindset to convince yourself you are worthy of all that which you desire and to align yourself with greater abundance.

Without the identity shift that solidifies a transition to a new persona and personal reality that you navigate your life from, day to day, all the shifts listed above are only temporary.

A RESOLUTION to change is flimsy and means very little to a mind so entrenched in ongoing programs of limitation, fear and lack that have been operable for the bulk of your lifetime.

The case for reinvention is profound.

If you are trying to create a new, more preferable and prosperous life, yet continue to look at everything through 'the problem of you', then you continue to view your entire personal reality as someone who IS LIVING IN THE PAST.

As humans, we so easily forget that each new day, every new moment IS CLEAN, PURE and UNTAINTED by anything that came before.

It is through our mental projection and the tendencies of the linear mind that we string together each NEW, NOW moment in a resonant frequency with what preceded it just before.

PLEASE READ this next part carefully...

That DOES NOT reflect the truth of reality. It reflects habit, familiarity and tendency. Period.

It does not reflect the truth of WHO YOU ARE, only the experience of who the mind (and body) THINKS you are.

And who is telling the mind that?  YOU.

You've trained the mind so well to stay within a certain bandwidth of thought, feeling and vibration of energy for so long, and it is such a powerful force of nature that it just stays true to the program you've given it.


Stop for a moment. Let go of any anxiety and consider something else....

If it was you that installed the original program, then it is YOU and ONLY YOU that gets to install a new one.

And just like before, you will have the same opportunities to think, to have 'feeling thoughts', beliefs, attitudes, assumptions and an overall perception of reality that resonates with this new and more beneficial level of mind.

Women Walking the Phoenix Path is the culmination of about 18 months worth of intention, wisdom, fine-tuning and intense experiential feedback from my own journeys of personal transformation and reinvention over the last twenty years of my life.

It combines innovative visionary teaching, hypnotherapy, energy healing and your personal accountability for the SHIFTS YOU WILL MAKE in this 8 week program.

This is the most unique and powerful offering for your personal transformation and reinvention that I have ever put forth and I CANNOT WAIT to share it with you.

Women Walking the Phoenix Path starts February 8, 2023.

Wednesdays at 1 pm PT through March 29, 2023.

8 week program of personal renovation, reinvention and remembrance of your brilliance and why you're here. Private Facebook group and access to replays as long as you like.

Single payment or split pay option.

* The VIP Option: An intimate and sacred space to take our work in Phoenix Path even further, to go deeper into our truth and to establish a resolute dedication to strengthening the dreams, ambitions and aspirations that are authentic to us in our soul truth.  The VIP Option is open to 6 women only.  This will continue directly after Phoenix Path group program ends, going through the second week of June 2023.

Weekly discussion, activation, healing and Accountability, all of which makes this option even more unique and powerful.

2 private sessions with me are included. 2 spots left.

Coming To Life ~ Women's Retreat 2023

Coming to Life.

The anticipation of Spring-- the season of rebirth, renewal and fresh inspiration. New ideas and new opportunities are coming to life. Your heart is filled with enthusiasm for what is next.

All of this with maybe the sense that Life has been a force that you have had to adapt to or cope with, and maybe not with your highest and most deliberate intent for how you would like it to be.

Now, you are Coming TO Life, with decades of experience and wisdom behind you-- realizing that NOW is the time to allow yourself to be fulfilled with MORE than Enough of what life has to offer.

You have matured and evolved your ideas about yourself, your life and the world you inhabit.

You have decided that you are available for SO MUCH MORE and you don't want to waste another moment just wishing for it, you're ready to commit yourself to claiming what matters most to you now.

Dori Eppstein and Kathryn Mussell are co-hosting the Coming to Life Women's Retreat and we are so excited to share with you the absolute best of our gifts and wisdom in this 3-day event, happening March 10th-12th, 2023 at the Silver Reef Casino Resort in Ferndale, WA.

~ Expect to come away from this event knowing and loving yourself more fully and completely.

~ Build the confidence to stop shrinking to fit situations in life that you've outgrown.

~ Learn to use your emotional intelligence and the power of your own mind and body to help you break old patterns that are holding you back from the joy and fullness of life.

~ Balance the brain and nervous system so you can step into the potential that is calling to you right now, without the need for self-sabotage, or pushing away at something that feels too big to allow for yourself.

This three-day retreat is designed to support and hold space for each and every woman attending so we are all able to feel bold, confident and dedicated to making good on our commitments to ourselves, to our dreams and to our desires for 2023 and beyond.

This is going to be phenomenal! 

This event takes place in a lovely hospitality suite, prepped and catered just for us, for this very special weekend of coming together in the spirit of sisterhood. The hospitality suite is located in the hotel wing of the Silver Reef Casino Resort, in Ferndale Washington, just 20 minutes north of Bellingham, WA and about 1.5 hours north of downtown Seattle, WA.

Get directions to Silver Reef

Day 1

~ We begin on Friday, March 10 at 4 pm. This is our time to get acquainted and discuss what we would all like to focus on shifting or expanding during our time together. We will have lite snacks midway through our Friday evening meetup and wrap up the day at 7 pm. Coffee, tea and water will be available throughout.

Day 2

~ We resume on March 11 by taking our work deeper, celebrating our strengths and accomplishments and sharing what would bring us the most joy in what we desire to create for ourselves this year and going forward.

You'll receive support and guidance on your next steps for moving forward on a life that lights you up, nurtures your spirit and allows you to contribute something wonderful to the world in a way that is unique to you.

With our work together in Day 2, you are receiving support and wisdom on how to embody your unique vision of a joyful and impactful life from two powerful and knowledgeable women who have more than 40 years of experience between them as teachers and guides who are committed to helping women evolve into their highest, ideal selves. (Learn more about Dori Eppstein and Kathryn Mussell.)

Day 2 will begin at 9 am and we will wrap up at 5 pm. Day 2 includes a Breakfast Buffet, afternoon lunch and beverage service of coffee, tea and water throughout the day.

Day 3

~ We will close out our event on March 12th by talking about Accountability and how to stay true to your vision of what you want, how to keep evolving your success with trust and confidence, and how you can sustain all of the amazing shifts you will experience in this unique and powerful weekend.

Day 3 will start at 9:30 am and end at 11:30 am. Light continental breakfast of pastries and fruit will be served, along with coffee and tea.

**Space is limited to 20 women only, so please reserve your spot early.

The price of the event is $597. *This investment does not include room accommodations.

Split Pay Options available.

Since we have so many women interested in attending from the Bellingham area, we do not have a room block for hotel rooms. Rooms are AVAILABLE NOW on the Silver Reef website HERE for the retreat dates so please reserve early if you are coming from out of town.

We can't wait to share this amazing weekend event with you!

Transpersonal Ascension Attunement ~ Six Week Activation

Transpersonal Ascension Attunement.

Six Week Spoken-Word Activation.

How will you focus your energy through the end of 2022?

What will prime your vibration so you can create the capacity to receive all that you are asking for AND also is in alignment with the New Earth paradigm?

The Transpersonal Ascension Attunement is a consciously channeled series of six spoken-word activations that will take us to the threshold of 2023 together.

Solar Feminine Time

Optimizing your Light Quotient

Awakening Journey to your Home Dimension

3D Earth Quarantine Collapse

The Pillars of Creation

All Debts Paid Karmic Release

This will be a profound remembrance of WHO YOU ARE and what is AVAILABLE to you as a Creator Being.

This is unlike anything I have ever offered and is sure to be a deeply restorative, inspiring human and soul expansion that will ignite your creativity, elevate your vibration, and allow you to receive and evolve the fullness of your innate gifts in 2023 and beyond.

Come and play!

Momentum of Flow

Radical self-support, self-nourishment and fierce self-love is called for now, in greater measure than ever before.

Our human destiny is an EMOTIONAL destiny. We are here to feel it all, but we're not meant to be undone by it.

Fear and desire are so closely linked as emotional responses in the body.

When we stretch ourselves by dreaming big and making our heart's desires larger than life, we can easily reject them outright because they feel so huge that they frighten us.

I almost want to call this 6 month coaching membership, The Fear and Desire Lab.

Because we are going to take a long hard look at fear and desire, how they are similar, how we hold these emotions in the body and how they contribute to each other in ways that, once we understand their impact, we get to hold space for both of these responses very differently and more intentionally.

Our desires are the driving force that evolve our human experience forward into higher and better outcomes.

Our desires are meant to be BIG!

It is by and through our desires and the intensity of their greatness that we access higher frequency BEING and evolve into the highest expressions of who we are and who we were always meant to be.

When they feel too big and scary, we may outright reject them out of fear that we can't hold the capacity for them. And we end up rejecting the very thing that drives the momentum of life forward!

I say, NO MORE.

Fear and desire. Ebb and flow. Flux to flex.

FLEX the body to hold the energy of fear and repurpose it to fuel your desires. Teach your nervous system how to accept and even be nourished by the intensity of your desire once manifested so there's a capacity to hold it without rejecting it.

You CAN LEARN how to do this!

Momentum of Flow Community and Coaching Membership.

Momentum of Flow is a completely unique and inspired space and 6 month container to work with processing your fears in mind and body and stretching to comfortably access the fullness of your desires in mind and body, incorporating powerful healing discussions, energy healing and light, easy physical movement.

Two powerful calls each month.

Ebb ~ Support in alchemizing emotional tension into creative fuel for growth.

Flow ~ Use creative tension to build momentum towards your heart's desires in 2023 and beyond.

And two Somatic Sync movements each month to use with the calls. Align the fascia and nervous system to flex and to hold the flux of fear and desire.

Private Facebook community.

First call, December 6, 2022 at 1 pm PT. Replays available in the group.

Momentum of Flow.

~ Hot-Seat Style, Ask-Me-Anything coaching with Q & A for each call.

~ Private Facebook group community.

~ 6 month membership group, running from December 6, 2022 ~ May 31, 2023.

Mother Mary and Kuan Yin Inner Child Karuna Compassion Healing

Mother Mary and Kuan Yin Inner Child Karuna Compassion Healing.

This is a deep healing and purification that sweeps through wounding and trauma inherited through both the mother and father lineages of our family and affecting the wholeness felt in our inner child aspect.

I shared this in my Lotus Throne Initiation group for spiritual women in service to the planet.
I received a profound healing in delivering this and was given a strong message to share this with as many people who would like to receive it.

This is a guided journey of healing with Karuna Reiki®, the most compassionate and loving form of Reiki that I have had the blessing of sharing with others as a Master Teacher.

Mother Mary and Kuan Yin are a joint force of delivering compassion, mercy, tenderness, kindness and they collaborate in delivering deep waves of nourishing love, assisting in clearing and purifying the deep and long-held mother and father wounds that have been inhibiting the natural flow of our evolution and expansion and our ability to truly love ourselves fully and completely.

This is such a beautiful process and integration and I cannot wait to share this with you!

Timelines Expanded Masterclass

Time is not a consequence of life.

Time creates the consequences of your life.

When you reshape your current relationship with the 3D Matrix of Time, you change the consequences of your life.

3D Time is just a construct, a sphere of reality nestled inside the entire Energy Matrix of the Unified Field of Awareness.



As you progress through this timeline of spiritual evolution, it is now very important to grasp the concept that time is an illusion.

Many of you are having a difficult time getting that you are a multidimensional being, able to align yourself with an endless string of Now moments that allow you to have several different perspectives on many different timelines at once.

This is difficult for our 3D ego mind to accept.

When this topic comes up, many go out of their body because the concept of non-linear time seems too nebulous.

You are never really on a singular timeline.

You are on Now moments.

There are infinite Now moments occurring simultaneously but you are choosing each successive Now moment that is of a similar frequency to the last.

This is how you maintain the illusion of linear time in 3D reality and stay in the “game” of time.

Not to confound and confuse you even further, but you agreed before you came into this reality to play this game because you thought it would be yet another fun thing to experience in this “Grand Experiment” of being on Earth at this time.

To jump to a different reality, timeline or dimension would be drastically different then what you have been individually and collectively experiencing and would pull you out of the game, which would be no fun!

Many of you are growing tired of the game and want very much to re-familiarize yourselves with your multidimensional aspect of self. The only thing keeping you from having this experience is holding onto the illusion that the ego is in charge of your destiny and that it is in the driver’s seat.

Yet, when we shift to the Godself perspective of time, the Eternal Now, the ego is no longer in charge of your destiny and you finally realize that your role in the game of time changes completely and for the better!

********   ********   **********

Here are just some of the member reviews for Timelines Expanded Masterclass...

"This work is changing how I work! I love it!!!!"

"Do it! The skills taught in this class are empowering on all levels. Kathryn is a kind, patient and teacher of all things timelines. The shifts are incredible!"

"This class and Kathryn’s teachings are phenomenal... I don’t recommend very many teachers or classes and I HIGHLY recommend this class!!! The value is easily 20x the investment and I’m sure it will be continuing to go up and up in price!!!"

"I love this class so much and am taking it in so differently than any other program. This is HUGE. If you're feeling called to the program like I was, take action, your 2020 will not be the same."

"I love this! These sessions are game changers!"

"I believe this is the missing key that has unlocked the full power of my tools! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, Kathryn!"

"...I’m overjoyed and spinning in my vortex with feelings of deep gratitude and appreciation, so much resonates....your words that have voiced so well what I’ve been feeling, knowing and trusting as I allow my unfolding to my next steps in releasing all that does not serve me! I’m excited to be here, for what’s coming and to receive the keys to unlock the past and live my purpose. Thank you Kathryn....I’m so blessed to have met you at this portal of my life!"

"It is extremely rare for me to publicly endorse a class yet I cannot withhold my excitement for what Kathryn Mussell is teaching in her Timelines Expanded Masterclass!!! There is NO ONE else teaching this and she does so with grace, efficiency, practicality and an extensive amount of knowledge. Real world tips. tricks and practice assistance to stream, shift, bend, heal, collapse, jump time and more."

"I did the Timeline Jump audio today. It was about my 5th time. A lot more of what I was listening to clicked. My whole body was buzzing and vibrating and when I merged with my future self, I felt the shift. And my heart burst open. ❤️❤️❤️"

"Yesterday I had an idea pop into my head about my workplace. So for once instead of blowing it off I ask what do I do. I heard in my mind jump to future timeline where the you who has done this is and talk to her! I did just that she gave me an outpouring of ideas and what to do. It was great!"

"I am so appreciative of what I have learned! This class has changed my entire operating system. I am birthing new programs and hold a higher consciousness perspective. I easily see where I am looping myself into the 3D time matrix and collapse these timelines with ease!"

12 Modules

Module 1 ~ Intro to Timelines, Opting Out of the 3D Matrix

Module 2 ~ Collapsing Timelines

Module 3 ~ Bending and Stepping Out of Time

Module 4 ~ False Timelines

Module 5 ~ Merging Timelines

Module 6 ~ Ancestral Timeline Healing and the DNA

Module 7 ~ Culminating Timelines: Wrapping Up Your 3D History

Module 8 ~ Quantum Jumping Time

Module 9 ~ Transitioning into Timelessness

Module 10 ~ Bonus Module: Integrating Timeline Healing into your Client Work

Module 11 ~ Healing your Inherited Money Story

Module 12: Transdimensional Time Drifting

**PLUS** Bonus and Supplemental Content

Sign Up below.

Living Intuitively ~ Embodied Superconscious Flow

Maybe you're looking for deeper answers.

Perhaps you want greater clarity about your true nature and purpose.

It could also be that you desire more insight about your relationship to yourself and to Source Energy.

You may want to tap into greater creativity or increase the level of wisdom you derive from your dreams.

It could also be that you want to truly experience the magic and miracles in everyday life.

All of these reasons listed above are just a snapshot of why people want to study intuition with me.

But I find that no matter what the reason may be to want to fine-tune their intuitive acuity, there is one very common fear and two pervasive myths.

The FEAR most people have is that when deepening into their inner reality, they're going to see things they don't want to see or know things they don't wish to know.

In other words, they will not be able to handle what they discover.


Firstly, your intuitive sense is your direct experience of reality.

It is what is 'obvious' about the nature of reality, not the mind's or ego's perception of it based on your personal and collective perspectives on reality. That is why intuition is also called 'direct knowing' because it is a direct line of communication from your soul's perspective, which is based in love and higher spiritual truth.

While it is true that when excavating the depths of your inner reality in order to create a pure connection with your intuitive knowing, you will encounter some uncomfortable and sometimes confronting misperceptions about yourself.

However, your higher intuitive self is loving and is only showing you what you are ready to finally see and release in order to unlock the genius gifts that have never been allowed the space to blossom and enhance your experience of life.

Myth #1 ~ You think you have to be born with special gifts and talents.

We are all born intuitive and empathic. As tiny humans we are extremely sensitive and empathic and if anything, we get 'learned out of' this connection with our higher intuitive knowing in favor of using the rational mind to solve all of our problems. Your intuition is in fact your first sense, not the sixth sense as some would believe.

Myth #2 ~ You believe that being intuitive is the same as being psychic.
False again.

While there is great overlap here, let's clear this up.

When increasing your connection with and learning to trust more in your intuitive guidance, you are exercising a natural human ability of 'direct knowing' or direct experience of reality through superconscious perception.

This doesn't mean you're going to pick the winning lottery numbers or start prophesying future world events. (Although hey, some of my clients are mediums and psychics and navigate well through all manner of psychic phenomena BECAUSE they have devoted their lives to living intuitively.)

Living Intuitively and adopting the intuitive way of life is much more about living in presence, maintaining a connection to Pure Source through direct knowing of reality, and being open to a level of awareness that allows you to derive more efficient, more elegant and upscale solutions to life's challenges so you may live in harmony, ease and flow instead of feeling you need to push, force or struggle at life.

Living Intuitively ~ Embodied Superconscious Flow is a sanctuary of support that uplifts your spirit to a place beyond striving, beyond the confines and structure of the linear mind and well beyond your misperceptions about where you feel you are incomplete or incapable of the life you desire.

We are gathering.

I can't wait to share with you what is available when you shift your awareness into deep presence and surrender.

This container opens on October 2nd. Our first live call begins on October 5th at 1 pm PST.

Living Intuitively ~ Embodied Superconscious Flow is a 6 week intuitive immersion into remembering how to actively engage with and consciously enhance your intuitive capabilities.

Come and play and ignite your magic by developing your intuitive mastery!

Master Timeline Self Hypnosis

Welcome to my Member Vault Academy!

I have a very special gift for you!

The Master Timeline Self Hypnosis.

This meditation track is designed to be used when going to sleep so that you can entrain your energy to your higher, Master Timeline of Being.

Whatever problem you are facing at the moment, there is a solution--- many in fact!

Because the moment we perceive ourselves to be facing down a problem, challenge or issue that feels like unwelcome contrast to what we truly desire, in the same quantum instant, many solutions exist right along with it.

This guided journey of self-hypnosis will guide you directly to the highest timeline that brings you into solution-based awareness and into the creative state where 'you already know' what to do, how to proceed and what steps to take in your waking reality.

It also incorporates the Universal Law of Entrainment which allows you to calibrate your vibration 'higher' to match the coherence of the higher Master Timeline you will visit in this journey.

This allows you to naturally align with all existing coherent potentials that are part of your Master destiny that includes the highest and best outcomes for you, highest outcomes for all involved and with the least resistance for all.

I'm so excited to share this with you!

I KNOW you are going to love it!

Suggested Guidelines for using this recording in the highest and best way for you....

~ Please listen at bedtime ONLY. Listen with noise-cancelling earphones or earbuds.

~ For optimum efficacy, listen every night for 7 days, then as needed or desired.

~ Never listen while driving or operating heavy machinery or doing anything physically strenuous of any kind.

~ Please remember to download the track to your listening device for uninterrupted streaming.

Blessings and Happy Travels!

Notes on Ascension ~ A Primer for Unity Consciousness PDF Book

This is a downloadable PDF version of my new book, Notes on Ascension ~ A Primer for Unity Consciousness and the Great Earth Experiment of Spiritual Awakening.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

About The Book

We are never going to be able to access and sustain an energetic match with the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond if we continue to lock our consciousness into a linear mindset.

This book is arranged in such a way as to trigger your multi-consciousness and multidimensional level of perceiving that is beyond the local, dual and fixed nature of 3D reality. The material shared here is meant to take you on a journey into and out of the ascension spiral of consciousness that links many expressions of you as a multidimensional soul who already resonates with this wisdom.  We are just cueing your conscious self to remember.

The intellectual and rational mind serves to reflect information back to us that is known in the hologram of 3D reality. We must elevate past this ego dominated way of thinking that is linear in nature if we hope to comprehend the layers of consciousness that resonate in the accelerated frequencies of 5D and beyond.

Where this book may seem ‘out of order’ to some of you reading it, that is a nudge letting you know that the rational mind is in control. This information doesn’t serve that level of awareness, but rather confuses and confounds it. You’ll find yourself feeling tight and tense and like you’re wanting to go out of your body as you absorb some of the information here. 

When this happens, take a deep breath, stretch your body, redirect the bulk of your attention and focus to the heart, which is the command center for elevated consciousness. Doing this simple re-routing of your energy will bring you back into the present and back into a state of ease and flow.

However, as I always say, take what resonates and leave the rest.

Work with what speaks to you the most. All that matters is what resonates for you NOW.

Let go of anything else. If you feel challenged by some of the concepts here, you can always come back to them at another time. Do allow yourself to have an open mind and open heart as you read these passages but nothing should feel forced on you here.


∞ ∞ ∞          ∞ ∞ ∞           ∞ ∞ ∞


The information in this book has been shared with me through my Spirit Team of Hathors, Arcturians, Sirians, Cassiopeians, Andromedans and Pleiadians and certain Ascended Masters such as Kuan Yin, Saint Germain, Lord Sananda and Lady Nada and the reclaimed soul incarnation of Ascended Mother Earth known as Tara.

These messages have been downloaded, cultivated, translated and refined over time so that I may bring them to you here at a level of coherence with your 3D self. You’ll find no bibliography here as I couldn’t begin to know who to credit!

These messages come through from a collective spectrum, not single entities. The passages in this book function as sum parts of a total and complete Cosmic Energy Activation that unveils coding already in your cellular memory, revealing the Truth of who you really are as a thread of consciousness in the tapestry of the Organic Ascension Matrix and Energy Grid of Pure Source Consciousness. You are a galactic being who is coming home to your true self!

It is from a place of deep love, compassion and service in the name of Unity Consciousness that this wisdom comes to you and with the hope that you will be transformed by it in the most positive way possible for you.

Click Purchase Now to download the PDF format of this book for $9.99

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