Timelines Expanded Masterclass

Time is not a consequence of life.

Time creates the consequences of your life.

When you reshape your current relationship with the 3D Matrix of Time, you change the consequences of your life.

3D Time is just a construct, a sphere of reality nestled inside the entire Energy Matrix of the Unified Field of Awareness.


Learning how to engage with the 5D rules of time implodes the 3D Matrix from the inside along with all other limiting constructs of thought, emotion and beliefs about what is possible that are anchored into mass consciousness.

The more individuals on the planet learn HOW TO step out of time, the more we collapse paradigms of power, separation and limitation held in place by our own belief in the reality of the rigid constructs of 3D time.

The more we download this way of being to lower levels of mass consciousness, awakening can happen on a greater scale and create a bigger positive impact on humanity's evolution into enlightenment.

The last bastion of exploring our darkness as un-awakened beings is to delve further into all of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs that hook us into mass consciousness perpetuated via the 3D Matrix of Time.

Our consciousness cannot ascend and we cannot fully access higher spiritual mysteries without first investigating and excavating the catacombs of our own unconscious that exist in the lower realms of our awareness.

This is the balance that brings integration.
Ascension is simply not possible without it.


Here are just some of the member reviews for Timelines Expanded Masterclass...

"This work is changing how I work! I love it!!!!"

"Do it! The skills taught in this class are empowering on all levels. Kathryn is a kind, patient and teacher of all things timelines. The shifts are incredible!"

"This class and Kathryn’s teachings are phenomenal... I don’t recommend very many teachers or classes and I HIGHLY recommend this class!!! The value is easily 20x the investment and I’m sure it will be continuing to go up and up in price!!!"

"I love this class so much and am taking it in so differently than any other program. This is HUGE. If you're feeling called to the program like I was, take action, your 2020 will not be the same."

"I love this! These sessions are game changers!"

"I believe this is the missing key that has unlocked the full power of my tools! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, Kathryn!"

"...I’m overjoyed and spinning in my vortex with feelings of deep gratitude and appreciation, so much resonates....your words that have voiced so well what I’ve been feeling, knowing and trusting as I allow my unfolding to my next steps in releasing all that does not serve me! I’m excited to be here, for what’s coming and to receive the keys to unlock the past and live my purpose. Thank you Kathryn....I’m so blessed to have met you at this portal of my life!"

"It is extremely rare for me to publicly endorse a class yet I cannot withhold my excitement for what Kathryn Mussell is teaching in her Timelines Expanded Masterclass!!! There is NO ONE else teaching this and she does so with grace, efficiency, practicality and an extensive amount of knowledge. Real world tips. tricks and practice assistance to stream, shift, bend, heal, collapse, jump time and more."

"I did the Timeline Jump audio today. It was about my 5th time. A lot more of what I was listening to clicked. My whole body was buzzing and vibrating and when I merged with my future self, I felt the shift. And my heart burst open. ❤️❤️❤️"

"Yesterday I had an idea pop into my head about my workplace. So for once instead of blowing it off I ask what do I do. I heard in my mind jump to future timeline where the you who has done this is and talk to her! I did just that she gave me an outpouring of ideas and what to do. It was great!"

"I am so appreciative of what I have learned! This class has changed my entire operating system. I am birthing new programs and hold a higher consciousness perspective. I easily see where I am looping myself into the 3D time matrix and collapse these timelines with ease!"

12 Modules

Module 1 ~ Intro to Timelines, Opting Out of the 3D Matrix

Module 2 ~ Collapsing Timelines

Module 3 ~ Bending and Stepping Out of Time

Module 4 ~ False Timelines

Module 5 ~ Merging Timelines

Module 6 ~ Ancestral Timeline Healing and the DNA

Module 7 ~ Culminating Timelines: Wrapping Up Your 3D History

Module 8 ~ Quantum Jumping Time

Module 9 ~ Transitioning into Timelessness

Module 10 ~ Bonus Module: Integrating Timeline Healing into your Client Work

Module 11 ~ Healing your Inherited Money Story

Module 12: Transdimensional Time Drifting

**PLUS** Bonus and Supplemental Content

13 Modules

Timelines Expanded Module 1 ~ Introduction to Timelines

Module 1 ~ Introduction to Timelines

How do humans create and perpetuate time in the 3rd dimension? Playing with and manipulating potentials in the Cosmic Hologram.

Timelines Expanded Module 2 ~ Collapsing Timelines

Timelines collapse as part of the process of ascension into 5D. As we gain momentum on our path of spiritual awakening we collapse individual and collective timelines of old paradigms and belief systems that are no longer serving humanity.

Yet we also can deliberately collapse individual timelines. Why do we benefit from doing this?

Because we limit or diffuse our energetic investment by exploring timelines that are no longer advantageous for us.

We have multiple timelines that don't serve us yet their continued existence is siphoning off our creativity and polarizes us against the current dreams, visions, desires and endeavors that we do wish to explore in the now.

This is creating chaos, confusion and static in our energy fields of these 7 areas of our lives- emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, financial, social and environmental.

By learning how to collapse these timelines, we accelerate our path to manifesting what we DO WANT.

This class is going to be an eye-opener!

Timelines Expanded Module 3 ~ Bending and Stepping Out of Time

Knowing how to bend, stretch, slow down and accelerate time jump starts any manifestation that you endeavor to create.

It also allows you to opt-out of the hive mind of mass consciousness, thus evolving you past the limitation, separation and lack felt so strongly in the 3D Time Matrix of reality.

Timelines Expanded Module 4 ~ False Timelines

When we unhook from false timelines, we are able to access coding for more of our Christos blueprint-- our divine human blueprint of DNA. Doing this allows us to become more aware of history timelines that have been wiped from our cellular memory.

This awakens us to more of our sovereignty and greatly increases our autonomy of choice in our everyday lives so we can make better informed "God choices" which align us with our highest good and for the good of all.

When you do this, you experience more serendipity, noticeably increase your psychic abilities and activate latent ones like the ability to lucid dream, remote view other timelines/ lifetimes and change your relationship with your past self, experience spontaneous occurrences of premonition and retrocognition (remembering parts of the holographic record of the past) and you become a more deliberate and passionate sculptor of your reality AS YOU ARE CREATING IT FROM THE IMPLICATE ORDER-- the un-manifest and undistorted field of pure potential.

Timelines Expanded Module 5 ~ Merging Timelines

Why do you want to merge timelines?

~ to incorporate and transform echoes of past timelines that keep popping up even though you've already cleared energy and kept the lesson for your growth.
(We'll talk about why this keeps happening and I'll show you how to close these timelines out for good!)

~ to create desired highest timelines for being in YOUR NOW by understanding how to access your Fulcrum point.
This is where your multidimensional forces interconnect in the present moment to help you manifest a reality that exists beyond polarity and duality you have explored over many lifetimes in 3D.

**When you access this point of awareness, you merge all simultaneous timelines that you are participating in that seem like they are in opposition to your desires as merely 'initiatory experiences' to achieving elevated consciousness.
Your perception shifts so that you nullify the need for avoidance, blame, resentment, shame or guilt that keeps you re-triggering these timelines over and over.

Mastery over merging timelines at this level allows you to marry the mastery of your soul being with mastery of the domain of self-- merging the spiritual with the physical so that you can easily discern how to make the God- choices in all you endeavor to do.

Get ready for another eye-opening and fun class!

Timelines Expanded Module 6 ~ Ancestral Timeline Healing and the DNA

There are many souls on the planet right now who have incarnated here to break the line of pain, trauma, lack, sadness, sorrow and abuse in the family line that may go back through the family for centuries.

Many more who are incarnating here on Earth over the next few generations will volunteer to hold this space for their genetic line as it is a crucial piece of the puzzle of the Ascension process.

This legacy break allows the collective of the human family to elevate to a higher frequency which moves the entire planetary Ascension process along so we can be a vibrational match to the higher frequencies of love and compassion that resonates with the higher dimensional paradigm of ascended consciousness.

Those who are here to be "legacy breakers" sever the cords of trauma that affect the entire genealogy of the family through the genetic coding of the DNA and the karmic contracts and oaths held all the way down to the cellular level.

Timelines Expanded Module 7 ~ Culminating Timelines: Wrapping Up Your 3D History

Many times when we have a context for what we are sensing, we create quantum leaps in our soul evolution.

This is another advanced version of collapsing timelines, this opens you up to looking at deeper themes that are creating how identify yourself in the world.

With this practice, you learn how to 'batch' timelines together around emotional set points and the recurring experiences they create and collapse them.

This is collapsing Culmination Timelines.


Timelines Expanded Module 8 ~ Quantum Jumping Time

Quantum Jumping Time and The Time Jump Manifestation Method.

This practice allows you to understand your multi-dimensional nature and empowers you to be the master builder of your reality.

This is a unique method of manifesting taught to me by a collective of different interplanetary beings of higher consciousness, including a group known as the Hathors.

This method of manifesting is done through bending time and then quantum jumping timelines between your present and future self in order to powerfully create your “new normal” of reality and to attract whatever it is that you would like to be, do, or have.

Timelines Expanded Module 9 ~ Transitioning into Timelessness


One of the most amazing things about working with the fabric of time is being able to experience timelessness within time.

It is the shifting of awareness into the Eternal Now-- untethered from the limits and confines of the 3D Time/ Space Matrix where we are observing the flow of time and fragmenting so much of our divine infinite nature into snapshots of identity within the framework of seconds, moments, hours, days, months, years, decades.

In observing timelessness, we transcend the need to identify ourselves in time, and instead merge with Source and the Eternal, allowing for a deeper connection to the All That Is.

Timelines Expanded Module 10 ~ Bonus Module: Integrating Timeline Healing into your Client Work

Bonus Tutorial on HOW to add Timeline Healing and Time Bending into your client work with Ancestral Timeline Healing, Merging Timelines and Collapsing Timelines.

Timelines Expanded Module 11 ~ Healing your Inherited Money Story

Using the tools from Ancestral Timeline Healing, in this bonus module we will clear some timelines around money that you may have inherited through your ancestral line.

Module 12: Transdimensional Time Drifting

Journey into a deep exploration of your soul's contract.

Modules for this program 13
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