Women Walking the Phoenix Path

Women Walking the Phoenix Path.

How do you know you are on this path?

You are ready to demand the best for yourself now.

No more waiting, making excuses, putting LIFE on hold.

You've risen up, past and through many situations where you have put your life, your passion, your vision and your dreams on hold.

Many of life's previous situations or structures of being that you've allowed to define or confine you have now broken down-- careers changed or abandoned, children raised, marriages and family relationships collapsed and/or dissolved, and previous beliefs about yourself and reality no longer hold up as truth.

You find yourself in a level of profound self-awareness now that you may not have experienced before.

You know yourself better.

~ You can see, maybe for the first time, where your trauma, pain and deep wounds have been hiding in plain sight and you are adamant about not letting them define you or confine you any longer.

~ You have a level of self-recognition and courage in the light of knowing that there is no going back, only brave steps forward, creating the life you always wanted.

~ You know that it is not just that your frequency has shifted. It is that your entire foundation of being, built on a previous version of self, has collapsed and it is time to discover the bedrock that you'll build the rest of your life on.

Now, you get to start putting pieces together that didn't resonate before.

You get to start over from experience and apply your emotional intelligence, hard-won resilience and wisdom in order to elevate your commitment to yourself.

You have a firm resolve to live life differently, courageously and with a set of boundaries and guidelines that you get to create as you go.

You recognize that NOW is the time to set yourself FREE.

Women Walking the Phoenix Path is rapid and dramatic multidimensional energetic transformation and is the culmination of years' worth of intention, wisdom, fine-tuning and intense experiential feedback from my own journeys of personal reinvention over the last twenty years of my life.

It combines innovative visionary teaching, hypnotherapy, energy healing and your personal accountability for the SHIFTS YOU WILL MAKE in this 10-week program.

This is the most unique and powerful offering for your personal transformation and reinvention that I have ever put forth and I CANNOT WAIT to share it with you.

Phoenix Path members will tell you…

"I am receiving luminescent clarity around my business and ways to implement some of the ideas I have been savoring. I feel an even greater love for myself. I really am enjoying being here!" ~ Jonte B.

"I see myself in a new way now and I don't think I'll ever go back to my old thinking. I recognize that everything I desire is available to me and I'm the gatekeeper of my own life. I have learned to acknowledge my limiting beliefs and reframe them then as new truths. I will take this with me as I move forward towards the new version of myself." ~ Deanna C.

“Honestly, those eight weeks changed my thoughts on Life forever. I learned tools to help me move forward with the strength in knowing, I create what my Future holds.” ~ Gaylia W.

"I’m so proud and grateful for me, this container and especially Kathryn Mussell! I have such a greater understanding and appreciation for who I am, my true authentic soul self. With this knowledge, I celebrate my recognition that I desire more FUN in my life!" ~ Eleanor H.

Women Walking the Phoenix Path group program will begin LIVE starting August 16, 2023.

Single payment or split pay options.

10 Modules

Week 1 ~ Introduction: Let It All In

The Introduction Module will guide you into the energy you will experience in this program.

Normalizing your Desires.

In this guided hypnotic journey, you will align with the pleasure and expectation of your highest aspect of self, the version of you that is giving your desires to you, from you, and from the Higher Intelligence of Source Consciousness experiencing itself through you as a divine human.

Click on the lesson to listen now.

Week 2 ~ Remove Your Limiting Beliefs and Alchemize Guilt and Shame

Remove Your Limiting Beliefs and Alchemize Guilt and Shame

Week 3 ~ Allowing Nourishment and Support. Increased Capacity to Receive

You are the Resource. You hold within you everything you need to create your highest destiny and embody your greatest expression of self.

Week 4 ~ Concretize your Brilliant Vision

Begin to vision, build out and concretize your brilliant and unique foundation that supports and nourishes all key areas of your life.

Week 5 ~ Reclaiming your Abundance Blueprint

You do not need to create an abundance mindset, you need to uncover and reclaim it from the false beliefs you learned and inherited about reality, based on the illusion of lack.

Week 6 ~ Expand your Consciousness, Expand your Potential

Embodying the highest level of consciousness and BEING THAT which you already are.

Week 7 ~ Your 'As Me' Consciousness Timeline

Anchor the concept As Me Consciousness with Timeline Fluidity. Choose your most preferable 'As Me' Timeline.

Week 8 ~ AS WE Consciousness and The Law of Increase

This week, we expand past the 4 levels of consciousness- To Me, By Me, Through Me, As Me and into AS WE Consciousness, explained through the Spiritual Laws of Cause and Effect and The Law of Increase.

Week 9 ~ Sublimating your Pleasure and Conditional Happiness

Cultivate the 'habit of happiness.'

Week 10 ~ New Foundation Integration ~ Praxis: Belief and Behavior

Now we bring together the elements of this program and integrate them in a final journey. 

Our final call touches on the premise of Praxis, the integration of belief with behavior. This blending of behaving in alignment with what you now know and have learned in this program is allowing you to be the Phoenix you were always meant to be. Equipped with this wisdom, you have risen and will continue to rise again and again.

Modules for this program 10

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