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Transpersonal Ascension Attunement ~ Six Week Activation

Transpersonal Ascension Attunement.

Six Week Spoken-Word Activation.

What will prime your vibration so you can create the capacity to receive all that you are asking for AND also is in alignment with the New Earth paradigm?

The Transpersonal Ascension Attunement is a consciously channeled series of six spoken-word activations that will take us to the threshold of 2023 together.

Solar Feminine Time

Optimizing your Light Quotient

Awakening Journey to your Home Dimension

3D Earth Quarantine Collapse

The Pillars of Creation

All Debts Paid Karmic Release

This will be a profound remembrance of WHO YOU ARE and what is AVAILABLE to you as a Creator Being.

This is unlike anything I have ever offered and is sure to be a deeply restorative, inspiring human and soul expansion that will ignite your creativity, elevate your vibration, and allow you to receive and evolve the fullness of your innate gifts in 2023 and beyond.

Come and play!

6 Modules

Week 1 ~ Solar Feminine Time

Balance fixed, linear, lateral time with Zero, Solar Feminine cyclical and rhythmic time.

Week 2 ~ Optimizing your Light Quotient

Uniting the transpersonal with the personal, integrating Heaven and Earth using the Pranic Tube and the Breath of One.

Week 3 ~ The Pillars of Creation

Your starseed origins go much deeper than you think. Journey into the Pillars of Creation in the Multiverse.

Week 4 ~ 3D Earth Quarantine Collapse

Opt out of the 3D Earth quarantine of duality beliefs and illusory self-worth based on impermanent standards of being dictated by the egoic mind.

Week 5 ~ Awakening Journey to your Home Dimension

Channeled, guided journey of 1D through 12D consciousness. What feels like home to you?

Week 6 ~ All Debts Paid Karmic Release

The key to changing your destiny is to mark All Debts Paid. How we do one thing is how we do all things. Freeing yourself through the three keys of awareness, choice and vibration allows for a clean slate and a dissolution of debts, both literal and figurative.

Modules for this program 6
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