Ascending Earth Reiki

“If only you knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, 9 then you would have the key to the universe.” ~ Nikola Tesla.

Did you know that the numbers 3, 6 and 9 are actually Ascension Codes that help us to expand our consciousness?

They form infinite mathematical formulations for unity consciousness or the Field of the All That Is.

They govern the physical at the quantum level and create matrix or vortex energy that propels us into other timelines, dimensions and realities- altering our perception and increasing our overall energetic vibration.

3, 6 and 9 generate the vibrations that elevate consciousness through Spirit, Light and Matter to initiate the process of and create a continuum into Ascension.

These numbers are programmed into every one of the symbols in Ascending Earth Reiki.

Ascending Earth Reiki is a healing modality that was created and taught THROUGH me in 2018, overseen and divinely guided by the Super-Conscious Divine Creative Matrix and integrates the supremely compassionate and loving energy of Reiki in order to assist the human and spiritual evolution of life on Earth.

Ascending Earth Reiki offers passageways to energetically align with the 5th Dimension New Earth that is already active and evolving.

Many of us are already working with the alchemy of 6D, reclaiming the distortions in the sacred geometry and Platonic solids that are the basis for all biological life here on Earth.

Mothership Earth is recalibrating to a new, higher frequency and humanity is experiencing this massive shift in the collective consciousness.

What is singularly unique about this modality that was brought through me in 2018 and has been recalibrated for me personally and for the Earth collectively in 2023 is that it also deeply heals the connection between humans and Mothership Earth.

This is a very special and powerful form of compassionate Reiki that addresses the distortions in the symbiotic relationship between the human family and the planet at this most auspicious time of a collective frequency shift that is being felt by all.

There couldn't be a more potent time to be attuned to these energies and to incorporate them into whatever healing modality you are already using for yourself and others as it compliments all compassionate forms of healing and tools for spiritual evolution.

There are now 9 symbols (6 original and 3 new symbols) for Ascending Earth Reiki that awaken energetic pathways and evolve the frequency of your cellular structures so you can access hundreds of Ascension Codes that prepare the light body for Physical Ascension.

The symbols are:

Kinkazzi Power Symbol ~ Kinkazzi translates as the joy of fully embodying the Truth of your sovereign power and stepping into your divine infinite human potential in this lifetime. This is where you truly discard the illusion of feeling separate from Source and fully inhabit limitless being, accessing infinite zero-points of consciousness, the fullness of the Now moment of your I AM presence.

Ascension Body Recalibration Symbol ~ helps your light body (composite of energetic/etheric bodies and sheaths) teach your physical body how to recalibrate and increase its overall vibration to better accommodate the ever-increasing frequencies of energy downloads that are flooding your awareness in this time of Planetary Ascension.

Ascension Code Activation Symbol ~ raises your overall vibration to increase communication with the Divine Mind and Super-Conscious Collective (God-consciousness/ Divine Matrix) by creating energetic structures to better facilitate the downloading of Ascension Codes. Activating the power symbol for this attunement brings balance to humanity, catalyzes the formation of the New Earth, and allows you to access the highest realms of Spirit.  

Higher Mind Integration Symbol ~ The Higher Mind Activation Symbol is a very potent symbol. This should be activated only for those who have explored fully the lower chakra system, are interested in releasing denser layers of karma and are “ready” to explore more expanded realms of consciousness. This symbol unblocks and awakens the higher mind and Transpersonal Chakras and taps you into a more evolved understanding of your connection to the Higher Unified Field of Intelligence.

New Earth Grid Alignment Symbol ~ integrates your personal energy grid with power lines on the 5D New Earth Grid. The New Earth Grid Alignment symbol holds a powerful transmission that uses the Sacred Elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air to cleanse karmic contracts being held in the current 3D Earth Grid. It releases the collective memory of human behavior, patterns and programs that have degraded the beauty and purity of Gaia over billions of years of time, allowing Mother Earth and humanity to be released simultaneously from the density of collapsing 3D timelines with love and grace.

Karmic Release Symbol ~ helps to peel back the layers of ego illusion that are keeping you stuck in karma and creating resistance to the Ascension process. With your conscious choice and directed effort to clear these residual layers of karma, this symbol will help you to release dense energy within and around the fields of the physical body, clear ancestral karma, cleanse and rewire neural pathways and rearrange the DNA so that you may re-harmonize, re-configure, re-calculate, re-code, re-calibrate and activate your multi-dimensional aspects.

and new for 2023....

Wisdom of your Home Dimension Symbol and Integration Attunement ~ harmonizes and amplifies the physical body's alignment with the highest gifts that emanate from the light body ancestry and light legacy. This power symbol optimizes integration of these gifts in the body using the Time Release Grid, safely healing and upgrading the human body without the experience of physical, emotional, spiritual or mental crisis. This is also the Master Attunement Symbol for the 3 new symbols and calibration to the upgrades of the 6 original symbols.

Awakening Truth of Planetary Timelines Symbol ~ aligns the cellular codes of the body with true organic Earth timelines and planetary history. Brings awareness to humanity's collective identity that exists free from the distortions of false planetary timelines.

True North Code Key ~ aligns body, mind and spirit with clarity and directives of soul purpose and passion in this lifetime. Fortifies confidence and courage to align the foundation of one's being with the soul's directive in this lifetime.

**Please note: You must be at least a Level 2 Reiki practitioner in the Usui Lineage in order to join this program starting March 23, 2023.

There is an option to join with the Master Teacher Level option. Upon completion of the 9 week, Level 1 program, you will be attuned to teach this modality to others. See all purchase options below.

*If you're a returning flagship member, your designated link is in Purchase Options.

Would you like to receive a healing using the Ascension Body Recalibration Symbol from Ascending Earth Reiki? Click HERE.

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