Coming To Life ~ Women's Retreat 2023

Coming to Life.

The anticipation of Spring-- the season of rebirth, renewal and fresh inspiration. New ideas and new opportunities are coming to life. Your heart is filled with enthusiasm for what is next.

All of this with maybe the sense that Life has been a force that you have had to adapt to or cope with, and maybe not with your highest and most deliberate intent for how you would like it to be.

Now, you are Coming TO Life, with decades of experience and wisdom behind you-- realizing that NOW is the time to allow yourself to be fulfilled with MORE than Enough of what life has to offer.

You have matured and evolved your ideas about yourself, your life and the world you inhabit.

You have decided that you are available for SO MUCH MORE and you don't want to waste another moment just wishing for it, you're ready to commit yourself to claiming what matters most to you now.

Dori Eppstein and Kathryn Mussell are co-hosting the Coming to Life Women's Retreat and we are so excited to share with you the absolute best of our gifts and wisdom in this 3-day event, happening March 10th-12th, 2023 at the Silver Reef Casino Resort in Ferndale, WA.

~ Expect to come away from this event knowing and loving yourself more fully and completely.

~ Build the confidence to stop shrinking to fit situations in life that you've outgrown.

~ Learn to use your emotional intelligence and the power of your own mind and body to help you break old patterns that are holding you back from the joy and fullness of life.

~ Balance the brain and nervous system so you can step into the potential that is calling to you right now, without the need for self-sabotage, or pushing away at something that feels too big to allow for yourself.

This three-day retreat is designed to support and hold space for each and every woman attending so we are all able to feel bold, confident and dedicated to making good on our commitments to ourselves, to our dreams and to our desires for 2023 and beyond.

This is going to be phenomenal! 

This event takes place in a lovely hospitality suite, prepped and catered just for us, for this very special weekend of coming together in the spirit of sisterhood. The hospitality suite is located in the hotel wing of the Silver Reef Casino Resort, in Ferndale Washington, just 20 minutes north of Bellingham, WA and about 1.5 hours north of downtown Seattle, WA.   Get directions to Silver Reef.

Day 1

~ We begin on Friday, March 10 at 4 pm. This is our time to get acquainted and discuss what we would all like to focus on shifting or expanding during our time together. We will have lite snacks midway through our Friday evening meetup and wrap up the day at 7 pm. Coffee, tea and water will be available throughout.

Day 2

~ We resume on March 11 by taking our work deeper, celebrating our strengths and accomplishments and sharing what would bring us the most joy in what we desire to create for ourselves this year and going forward.

You'll receive support and guidance on your next steps for moving forward on a life that lights you up, nurtures your spirit and allows you to contribute something wonderful to the world in a way that is unique to you.

With our work together in Day 2, you are receiving support and wisdom on how to embody your unique vision of a joyful and impactful life from two powerful and knowledgeable women who have more than 40 years of experience between them as teachers and guides who are committed to helping women evolve into their highest ideal selves. (Learn more about Dori Eppstein and Kathryn Mussell.)

Day 2 will begin at 9 am and we will wrap up at 5 pm. Day 2 includes a Breakfast Buffet, afternoon lunch and beverage service of coffee, tea and water throughout the day.

Day 3

~ We will close out our event on March 12 by talking about Accountability and how to stay true to your vision of what you want, how to keep evolving your success with trust and confidence, and how you can sustain all of the amazing shifts you will experience in this unique and powerful weekend.

Day 3 will start at 9:30 am and end at 11:30 am. Light continental breakfast of pastries and fruit will be served, along with coffee and tea.

**Space is limited to 20 women only, so please reserve your spot early.

The price of the event is $597. *This investment does not include room accommodations.

Split Pay Options available.

Since we have so many women interested in attending from the Bellingham area, we do not have a Room Block for hotel rooms. Rooms are AVAILABLE NOW on the Silver Reef website HERE for the retreat dates so please reserve early if you are coming from out of town.

We can't wait to share this amazing weekend event with you!

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