Momentum of Flow

Radical self-support, self-nourishment and fierce self-love is called for now, in greater measure than ever before.

Our human destiny is an EMOTIONAL destiny. We are here to feel it all, but we're not meant to be undone by it.

Fear and desire are so closely linked as emotional responses in the body.

When we stretch ourselves by dreaming big and making our heart's desires larger than life, we can easily reject them outright because they feel so huge that they frighten us.

I almost want to call this 6 month coaching membership, The Fear and Desire Lab.

Because we are going to take a long hard look at fear and desire, how they are similar, how we hold these emotions in the body and how they contribute to each other in ways that, once we understand their impact, we get to hold space for both of these responses very differently and more intentionally.

Our desires are the driving force that evolve our human experience forward into higher and better outcomes.

Our desires are meant to be BIG!

It is by and through our desires and the intensity of their greatness that we access higher frequency BEING and evolve into the highest expressions of who we are and who we were always meant to be.

When they feel too big and scary, we may outright reject them out of fear that we can't hold the capacity for them.And we end up rejecting the very thing that drives the momentum of life forward!

I say, NO MORE.

Fear and desire. Ebb and flow. Flux to flex.

FLEX the body to hold the energy of fear and repurpose it to fuel your desires. Teach your nervous system how to accept and even be nourished by the intensity of your desire once manifested so there's a capacity to hold it without rejecting it.

You CAN LEARN how to do this!

Momentum of Flow Community and Coaching Membership.

Momentum of Flow is a completely unique and inspired space and 6 month container to work with processing your fears in mind and body and stretching to comfortably access the fullness of your desires in mind and body, incorporating powerful healing discussions, energy healing and light, easy physical movement.

Two powerful calls each month.

Ebb ~ Support in alchemizing emotional tension into creative fuel for growth.

Flow ~ Use creative tension to build momentum towards your heart's desires in 2023 and beyond.

And two Somatic Sync movements each month to use with the calls. Align the fascia and nervous system to flex and to hold the flux of fear and desire.

Private Facebook community.

First call, December 6, 2022 at 1 pm PT. Replays available in the group.

Momentum of Flow.

~ Hot-Seat Style, Ask-Me-Anything coaching with Q & A for each call.

~ Private Facebook group community with a focus on leadership through the support of sisterhood.

~ 6 month membership group, running from December 6, 2022 ~ May 31, 2023.

3 Modules

Month 1 ~ All December Calls

All December 2022 Calls and Growth Work

Month 3 ~ All February Calls

All calls and supplemental material for February 2023.

Modules for this product 3
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