Channeling Benevolent Energy

There's a lot of activity in the 3D Earth Matrix right now. Not all of it is love and light.

The dimensions are shifting.

As new consciousness hubs are being formed, our connection with embodied or disembodied energy will shift also.

The frequency ranges of very low to very high vibrations in the Earth Matrix and these higher dimensional shifts are here to offer us opportunities for growth through developing better discernment and to build better boundaries for our personal energetic fields.

The truth is that there are so many people on the planet who are opening up to new psychic gifts. In addition, there are seasoned energy channeled who are experiencing changing dynamics in their light connections that used to feel solid and reliable.

Maybe you're seeing Sacred Geometry, figures and shapes, or "hearing" or sensing language, symbols or messages that you don't understand but it somehow seems familiar and comforting.

Maybe you would like to better decode what you are seeing or sensing for yourself and others.

What if you had the tools to decode and practically use this information?

Would you like to play with channeling benevolent energies with the utmost safety for increased levels of self-healing, to offer a deeper healing experience to your clients, or to just expand and upgrade the level of your Spiritual Awakening process at this time?

In the Channeling Masterclass, you will:

~ learn how to clear, protect and ground your energy and how to channel embodied or non-embodied higher frequency energy safely and confidently

~ learn how to access & maintain a pure connection to help you be the clearest vessel to receive messages transmitted from Source consciousness

~ learn how to connect with your Higher Self and the Higher Self of others for quick and profound benefits in your personal healing work and with clients

~ receive a Channeling Masterclass ebook complete with scripts for personal energy healing and grounding, reading your client’s energy and accessing higher frequency energies through channeling.

This class has 4 modules and begins live on Zoom on August 31, 2022. *This is the only time it will be taught live. It will be self-study only after that.

Those who channel energy must be especially discriminating and discerning in what kind of energy they are inviting into their personal space and 'hosting' in 3D.


Bundling the Psychic Protection Masterclass with Channeling Benevolent Energies.

Psychic Protection Masterclass is a 2 Week Intensive Masterclass that offers discussion along with powerful yet easy techniques to energetically protect yourself, your clients and the space you occupy.

Learn more by clicking HERE.

This is wonderful (and important!) for newcomers to channeling and for seasoned practitioners as well.

The option For Bundle Pricing is available below. 

Come and play!

4 Modules

Channeling Benevolent Energy Week 1 ~ Foundation and Connecting with your Higher Self

Fundamentals and foundation.

Channeling Benevolent Energy Week 2 ~ Protection and Boundaries

Creating safe and protective boundaries and understanding the influence of 4D and malevolent energy.

Channeling Benevolent Energy Week 3 ~ Connecting with Higher Self of Others

Connecting with the higher selves of others.

Channeling Benevolent Energy Week 4 ~ Channeling Non-Embodied Energy

Channeling non-embodied energy and final class.

Modules for this product 4
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