The Tao of the Divine Disruptor

Rebirth is a divinely timed disruption.

Walking the middle path has many meanings but right now it is about choosing a way of least resistance. It is all about flow now, not force.

The easiest way to establish a path of flow is to be aware of who you are as an infinite being, the constant, the eye of the storm in an ever-changing earthscape.

Using this perspective, you don't succumb to locking down your consciousness in a temporal realm, living at the mercy of fixed judgments, attitudes, opinions and beliefs and an extremely filtered view of reality.

Your judgments, beliefs, attitudes and opinions are creating the limits of your experience, creating roadblocks and resistance to growth.

The endless possibilities that are open in this vast and protracted stage of rebirth cannot be made available to you if you lock down your consciousness, delegating your awareness to what is already known or has already been explored and by also memorializing a version of you that does not hold space or resonance for who you are becoming. Walking the middle path is about understanding that you are no longer who you've been, but you are not quite yet who you are becoming.

This liminal space is meant to be explored, tasted, sampled, used for information gathering.

It is not meant to cause you angst, impatience, frustration.

That is the previous version of you reacting out of conditioning.

The temptation you feel to find a foothold in the safety of the old version of you in order to make sense of unknown territory that you find yourself in now is intense, but this energy no longer holds answers, advice or creative manna for fueling your new and infinitely more preferable reality.

Believe that you are creating the new with each step forward and that curiosity is your dutiful sidekick. Stay curious and supple in your thinking.

Allow yourself the freedom of creating through fresh inspiration in each present moment, stepping confidently forward, knowing you will be supported, no matter what.

Courage, trust and unflinching BELIEF will light the way on your path and illuminate passages previously veiled to your former, limited and largely unconscious perception of self. The benefits will be astonishing and delightful.

Mmmm.... take a breath and feel into the deliciousness of that!

This reset/rebirth is the much needed and divinely aligned disruption that collapses the matrix of Old Earth.

Walk the new path, unlearn what has been, and be willing to be led by the higher heart, the command center of higher consciousness that is waiting in the ethers to be actualized and concretized as a pure matrix of organic Creation.

Bring love, trust, surrender and FLOW back to this heartbroken world that deeply desires to dream itself anew THROUGH YOU.

Be the sacred instrument of Source.

Be the Divine Disruptor.

Tao of the Divine Disruptor.

A weekly group mentorship that takes us through the end of 2022 together.

Weekly live calls through the end of 2022.

I'm taking you on an incredible journey to establish inner peace, to access Higher Emotional Intelligence and cultivate the mental resilience that aligns with the available bandwidth of energy that is New Earth.

Take back your heart.

Take back your mind.

Take back your strength, inspiration and motivation.

Disrupt the identity that is tethered to the Old Earth Matrix and know your JOY in feeling the fullness of your power as a divine Creator, as was always intended.

Breathe life and depth into your unconventional ideas that are outside of the box. 

In this mentorship you will:

🔷 Build Higher Emotional Intelligence and take back your heart from being constantly engaged in the grips of fear, hysteria, panic, terror and grief.

🔷 Discover the nature and resonance of the true, primary Solar Feminine

🔷 Learn to better regulate your human body system so you're not firing on all cylinders, every day, all the time, experiencing acute Ascension Symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system.

🔷 Cultivate a mental fortitude so that you can disrupt the patterned thinking that is creating endless consciousness loops of lack, fear, scarcity and impoverishment consciousness.

🔷 Enhance your intuitive acuity and deepen your conscious connection with your Higher Self and Oversoul.

🔷 Upgrade and prepare the body for Physical Ascension through awakening and activating dormant DNA codes that hold the expression of your spirit's higher destiny.

🔷 Activate inherent abilities of channeling benevolent energies and high-frequency downloads while resonating with the vibration of unconditional loving kindness.

....and so much more.

Calls are on Zoom on Wednesdays at 1 pm PST/ 4 pm EST.  All calls are recorded.

Private Facebook group for discussion, guidance and support.

Payment plan available.

31 Modules

Module 1 ~ Introduction

Here is the Full Zoom Call Information for this course.

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Passcode is: tao

Topic: The Tao of the Divine Disruptor
Time: Jun 8, 2022 01:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
        Every week on Wed, until Dec 28, 2022, 30 occurrence(s)
        Jun 8, 2022 01:00 PM
        Jun 15, 2022 01:00 PM
        Jun 22, 2022 01:00 PM
        Jun 29, 2022 01:00 PM
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        Dec 28, 2022 01:00 PM
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Module 2 ~ Dismantling your Defaults

The limits of your default settings calibrate the limits of your experience.

Module 3 ~ What is The Solar Feminine?

The Solar Feminine is the true, organic, divine feminine principle and shares equal prominence with the Solar Masculine. The Solar Feminine teaches us that this is a shared balance of power and expression in 3D reality, while the Lunar Feminine (what we've been taught to believe is the true divine feminine) is not and has been expressed over thousands of years as secondary.

In this module, we begin an exploration of what the Solar Feminine is, why we need her and how the duality of these gender principles when in their purity of balance support and offset each other and restore integrity back to the manifestation template for all of Creation.

Module 4 ~ Conscious Choices

Conscious choices are made when you involve your heart and soul in the process of informing you who you BE in the cosmic limitlessness of you.

Module 5 ~ Ignoring the 1% of Reality

Unlocking your consciousness from the reality of form.

Module 6 ~ Sentience of the Solar Feminine

The divine essence of the Solar Feminine is the nurturing, motherly energy that allows you to handle the fullness of your light in integrity.

Module 7 ~ Awakening Gnosis of the Monad Body

Activate the higher mind in order to help better allow the body and nervous system to filter in more light.

Module 8 ~ Calming the Nervous System

Discussing the role of the nervous system in receiving heightened light codes hitting the planet and how to better stabilize into this energy by healing and purging distortions in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic neural pathways and connections along the spine.

Module 9 ~ Ascension Symptom Healing

This class is a discussion of Ascension Symptoms, what they are and why we have them and includes a healing activation to correct imbalances in the body and nervous system.

Module 10 ~ Fascia Crystalline Network Activation

Upgrading the connective tissue, the natural frequency fence of the body to hold more light and ascension codes without the need to reject it.

Module 11 ~ Ascension Code Seeding

Exploring and implementing another tool to help alleviate the suffering caused by Ascension Symptoms.

Module 12 ~ Unplug 5 Day Course

You can find all 5 modules of this course HERE.

Module 13 ~ Living Intuitively Level 1

You can access the entire 6 modules of Living Intuitively Level 1 program HERE

Module 14 ~ Psychic Protection Masterclass Week 1

In this class, you will experience:

- the nature of 4D as the reality realm of myths, archetypes, and pervasive and expansive emotional themes that create collective human 3D consciousness

- why shadow clearing is so important and how we can ( and need to) psychically protect ourselves from many different kinds of unwelcome energetic attachments

- group energetic clearing and aura purification

- collapsing timelines that do not hold your highest vibration and highest, most powerful GodSelf expression

- techniques for identifying lower astral vibrations in people, places and objects

- techniques for entity clearing, space clearing, and claiming your highest personal space in the name of light and love.

This will be a great refresher for anyone who has let their psychic protection techniques lapse and could use some new tips and tricks.

This will also be extremely helpful and easy to follow for anyone new to understanding psychic protection and wants to start employing some new tools to support their energetic field to hold the highest level of light possible.

Module 15 ~ Psychic Protection Masterclass Week 2

Identifying Astral Pollution, where and how it collects and how to move the energy back into light and love. Activating your 12D Merkaba Shield and programming powerful, protective energy alignments into it.

Module 16 ~ Channeling Benevolent Energy Week 1

Introduction to channeling and PDF guidebook for the course.

Module 17 ~ Channeling Benevolent Energy Week 2

Creating safe and protective boundaries and understanding the influence of 4D and malevolent energy.

Module 18 ~ Channeling Benevolent Energy Week 3

Channeling the higher selves of others.

Module 19 ~ Channeling Benevolent Energy Week 4

Channeling non-embodied energy and final class.

Module 20 ~ Living Intuitively Level 2, Week 1

Introduction and purification with the Primal Creative Force Breath.

Module 21 ~ Living Intuitively L2, Week 2

De-story the Personality Discussion and the Presence Activation

Module 22 ~ Living Intuitively Level 2, Week 3

Moving from ego orientation to superconscious orientation.

Module 23 ~ Living Intuitively Level 2 Week 4

Channeling your Inner Intuitive Guide. The nature of your intuition versus the nature of ego and attuning to your truest self.

Module 24 ~ Living Intuitively L2 Week 5

How to turn problems into solutions and fortifying your intuitive connection. Activating the Diamond Body. Cocktail of Sacred Soul Alignments to enhance psychic/intuitive ability.

Module 25 ~ Living Intuitively Level 2 Week 6

The most difficult part of interacting with your intuition is following its guidance and applying that. This class breaks down why it is so difficult AND how to apply this wisdom. Journey of 8D and the Divine Mind.

Module 26 ~ Transpersonal Ascension Attunement: Solar Feminine Time

Balance fixed, linear, lateral time with Zero, Solar Feminine cyclical and rhythmic time.

Module 27 ~ Transpersonal Ascension Attunement: Optimizing your Light Quotient

Uniting the transpersonal with the personal, integrating Heaven and Earth using the Pranic Tube and the Breath of One.

Module 28 ~ Transpersonal Ascension Attunement: The Pillars of Creation

Your starseed origins go much deeper than you think. Journey into the Pillars of the Creation in the Multiverse.

Module 29 ~ Transpersonal Ascension Attunement: 3D Earth Quarantine Collapse

Opt out of the 3D Earth quarantine of duality beliefs and illusory self-worth based on impermanent standards of being dictated by the egoic mind.

Module 30 ~ Transpersonal Ascension Attunement: Awakening Journey to your Home Dimension

Channeled, guided journey of 1D through 12D consciousness. What feels like home to you?

Module 31 ~ Transpersonal Ascension Attunement: All Debts Paid Karmic Release

The key to changing your destiny is to mark All Debts Paid. How we do one thing is how we do all things. Freeing yourself through the three keys of awareness, choice and vibration allows for a clean slate and a dissolution of debts, both literal and figurative.

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