Master Timeline Self Hypnosis

Welcome to my Member Vault Academy!

I have a very special gift for you!

The Master Timeline Self Hypnosis.

This meditation track is designed to be used when going to sleep so that you can entrain your energy to your higher, Master Timeline of Being.

Whatever problem you are facing at the moment, there is a solution--- many in fact!

Because the moment we perceive ourselves to be facing down a problem, challenge or issue that feels like unwelcome contrast to what we truly desire, in the same quantum instant, many solutions exist right along with it.

This guided journey of self-hypnosis will guide you directly to the highest timeline that brings you into solution-based awareness and into the creative state where 'you already know' what to do, how to proceed and what steps to take in your waking reality.

It also incorporates the Universal Law of Entrainment which allows you to calibrate your vibration 'higher' to match the coherence of the higher Master Timeline you will visit in this journey.

This allows you to naturally align with all existing coherent potentials that are part of your Master destiny that includes the highest and best outcomes for you, highest outcomes for all involved and with the least resistance for all.

I'm so excited to share this with you!

I KNOW you are going to love it!

Suggested Guidelines for using this recording in the highest and best way for you....

~ Please listen at bedtime ONLY. Listen with noise-cancelling earphones or earbuds.

~ For optimum efficacy, listen every night for 7 days, then as needed or desired.

~ Never listen while driving or operating heavy machinery or doing anything physically strenuous of any kind.

~ Please remember to download the track to your listening device for uninterrupted streaming.

Blessings and Happy Travels!

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Master Timeline Self Hypnosis

**Medical Disclaimer and Guidelines for Use. Please Read.

Guided Meditation audio tracks have been made available so that individuals unfamiliar with guided meditation may understand the benefits of this healing modality. The meditative audio tracks are in no way meant to be a substitute for any form of medical treatment. Please read Guidelines for Use and Disclaimer below before continuing with use. KM assumes no responsibility or liability for the use of meditations not in compliance with the guidelines for use below. Guidelines for Use of Meditative Audio Tracks 

Guided Meditation tracks should never be listened to while driving or operating any heavy machinery. Meditations are intended for quality of life enhancement and should never be used as a substitute for professional treatment from a physician.​

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