In Alignment and Thriving! ~ Core Program

A woman taking up more space is a magical thing.

It's pure IMPACT and nothing less.

When a woman takes up more space in the world, she has the presence to claim all that is ALREADY AVAILABLE AND ALREADY EXISTS IN ABUNDANCE.

Her voice gets stronger.

She carries herself with more poise and confidence.

She speaks her truth unflinchingly.

She resonates with prosperity in ALL its forms.

She commands more respect and clearly defines her boundaries.

She feels bolder and more courageous.

She knows that each choice she makes is a micro-commitment to her life's greatest ambition and vision of greatness.

She claims her desires as a certainty and she stops believing she needs to negotiate, dial down, or dilute her dreams.

She develops a mental toughness and resolve to break old unfulfilling habits and ways of thinking that allowed her to just survive instead of thrive.

She makes and indelible impact on the lives of others and leads by example.

In Alignment and Thriving! program is deep shadow work that allows you to lose the burden of the many layers and veils of self that you needed in order to just get by in the world.

But it's not just that....

It's also a profound process of actualization--- into all that which you were meant to be in this lifetime, with practical tools that help you to KEEP that upgrade and consistently expand into more and OVERFLOW.

It's also a Masterclass in developing greater emotional intelligence and mental resilience in facing life's challenges and overcoming the obstacles of redefining yourself in a New Earth timeline so you can flourish in times of uncertainty.

It's also a mentorship in becoming your own visionary, capable of imagining new ways of being others haven't dared dream of yet.

I'm so proud of this program and all the women in it because I've witnessed them taking up more space, claiming the fullness of their presence and reaping the rewards of their commitment towards realizing the fullness of their potential.

If you're honest with yourself about the impact you are here to make, are you in full force with your potential or is there somewhere you still feel held back?

Is there hesitancy, procrastination, doubt, or residual fear of any kind that still keeps you shrinking away from the greater impact you KNOW you're here to make in this world?

Do you second-guess your actions over and over again to the point of exhaustion?

Are you experiencing consistent uplevels in your life or is it a 2 steps forward, 3 steps back, feast/famine cycle on repeat?

If you are saying yes to more than one of these questions, I can tell you that there is something bigger going on, just underneath the surface and it's ready to shift and clear for good!

In Alignment and Thriving! offers the deep, life-changing shifts you've been asking for in order to help you calibrate fully to your Master timeline--- your highest timeline that allows you to make an impact with your unique expression of BEING and without the RESISTANCE.

You get at the core of why you sabotage your best efforts to make improvements in your life so you can finally be done with the feast/famine and push/pull that is keeping you from being a Master Creator in this lifetime.

You get to take any misdirected energetic potential and roll it into funding your Master Timeline of being.

You have always been a Master in the Making, you just didn't know it or even believe it.

RISE and THRIVE dear one!

Over the course of 11 weeks in this program, we will be learning about:

~ Establishing Alignment with your Master Timeline, the New Earth Timeline and the Sphere of All Possibilities

~ Weakening your Inner Saboteur/ Accessing your Master Accelerator Archetype and Highest Timeline

~ Your Human/Soul Partnership: Merging the Infinite You with your Human Identity

~ Defining and Refining your Soul Purpose

~ Raising the Resonance of your Relationships

~ Aligning your Career and Livelihood with the NET

~ Financial Well-Being as your Sacred Birthright

~ Your Money Story through the Filters of your Saboteur and Master Aspect

~ Aligning Emotional Intelligence with Spiritual Maturity

~ Mental Resilience to Keep Choosing your Core Truth

~ Alignment with MORE and OVERFLOW in your Master Timeline

Member Testimonials:

"My higher self, Godself, was this bright light, this beautiful bright soul (no body, no form, just energy), sitting next to me and allowing me to put my head on her "shoulder" and just cry. She told me to let it out, that I needed to cleanse the body of all that energy that needed to be let out. There was no judgement. I cried harder with every description of saboteurs that Kathryn listed, and I sobbed when apologizing, thanking and loving myself at the end. It was therapeutic and honestly life altering. I can see now that the saboteurs I hide behind each day have been affecting who I am and how I even interact with my family and loved ones..... I am so thankful for this class and Kathryn!" ~ Alyson B.

"I believe this came along at the precise time I needed it, and I am taking it very seriously, peeling away layers like an onion. I also align with the Connector archetype, as I am just a natural networker." ~ Karin P.

"Wow, what a blast in the Sphere. It felt vast and expansive. When I connected through my solar plexus to my aspect, I saw myself cracking open, almost like shedding a shell, my skin and stepping out onto another timeline as a new, shiny being. I looked at the shell of my "trapped" existence falling in two pieces onto the lower timeline. This experience was amazing and I will be doing it often." ~ Teresa M.

"I feel light and relieved. It feels amazing, it is hard for me to find the words, there are so many good feelings inside me, peace, calm, love, joy, hope, faith in me and others. It brings me so much joy to feel in the way I am doing it because I was feeling a little bit hopeless just before starting this module and now I am a new person, recharge of all those good feelings that are inside me." ~ Angelica F.

Video Testimonials:

Member Testimonial ~ Carol

Member Testimonial ~ Sarah

Member Testimonial ~ Jen

Want to know, right now, and exactly HOW you sabotage your own best efforts to align with the prosperity, vitality and well-being that resonate at the Core Truth of who you really are?

Take the Saboteur Assessment now to find out.

12 Modules

Module 1: Establishing Alignment with your Master Timeline, the New Earth Timeline and the Sphere of All Possibilities

Please join our private Facebook group of support HERE.

Before beginning this program, please set aside about 10 minutes to take the Saboteur Assessment.

This is an incredibly informative tool in helping you to discover where your victim consciousness is still running your life and where there are parts of yourself that you deem unlovable. And don't worry! We will be focused on clearing and releasing key aspects of your inner saboteurs in this class!

Module 2: Weakening your Inner Saboteur and Fortifying your Master Accelerator Archetype

This week we take a deeper dive into your saboteurs, the roles you've played in your life as a result and the original cause that brought them about.

Journal prompts for this week can be found in the accompanying PDF, Weakening your Inner Saboteur Workbook Part I, found in the Lessons section.

Module 3: Your Human/Soul Partnership: Merging the Infinite You with your Human Identity

In this module, we continue with Part II of our journaling workbook and we repair the split between our infinite/soul self and our human/ego perception, uniting fractured and unloved parts of self back into wholeness.

Module 4 ~ Defining and Refining your Soul Purpose

Your soul purpose is a level of BEING first, and DOING second.

Your soul's purpose was to incarnate here, now.

Your life purpose is to evolve your human-ness so that you learn to live a life that is heart and soul-led and at the level of our divine gifts and abilities.

The only way to fully explore your soul purpose and express that in this lifetime, as YOUR GIFT to this world, is to understand what gives you meaning.

Through this, your soul purpose isn't discovered, it is CREATED.

Module 5 ~ Raising the Resonance of your Relationships

Relationships can be polarizing in our commitment to be in alignment with Source.

Broken down in the simplest terms, you are either joining up with people who are helping you to tell the story of who you've been, over and over again-- the victim, the martyr, the good girl, the black sheep, etc. and they help to hold you where you're at... OR...

You are partnering up with people that are supportive of and helping you to evolve. And here's something else to consider...

How is your relationship with yourself?

Is there residual survival functioning at work in your life where you are not seeing, hearing, honoring, appreciating, or in other words, not LOVING YOURSELF? This survival state is keeping you out of alignment with FLOW.

They cannot mutually co-exist.

Aligning with 5D and the New Earth timeline is all about FLOW.

Module 6: Aligning your Career and Livelihood with the NET (New Earth Timeline)

In this week's class, we are discovering how our saboteurs can have a positive influence and complementary aspect in our lives as we begin to explore the Master Accelerator Archetypes.

Let's discuss how can we use this information to help us build better lives for ourselves and a better way for the planet through our careers, businesses and livelihood in general.

For this module, print out or download your PDF in the Lesson Files, Inner Saboteur to Master Accelerator Worksheet.

Module 7: Financial Well-Being as your Sacred Birthright

Money is not something you manifest, create or even attract.

It's something you align to through your vibration.

This means the belief system you've had about money needs to change and be in alignment with who you are in your Master Timeline. This in-depth class includes the mindset and the steps I use to align with more and overflow of money in my life, but you can use this to align you with anything you want.

Module 8 ~ Your Money Story through the Filters of Your Saboteur and Master Aspects

Let's dive deep into seeing how your top inner saboteurs see money versus how your Inner Sage and Master views and aligns with money.

Module 9 ~ Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Maturity

There can be no grounding or actualization of Unity Consciousness on Earth without aligning to Higher Emotional Intelligence, emotional maturity and spiritual maturity.

Module 10 ~ Mental Resilience to Keep Choosing your Core Truth

Module 11: Alignment with MORE and OVERFLOW in your Master Timeline

You can't calibrate to the energy of MORE and OVERFLOW if...

1) You don't know that standard of what you are energetically 'agreeing to' receive in your life every day if you haven't discovered and acknowledged it consciously. 

2) You don't know what more and overflow would look like or feel like to have it.

3) You speak your energetic minimum into being EVERY SINGLE DAY with the language you use to describe your experience as 'just what I need.' In your Master Timeline and Master Aspect, MORE and OVERFLOW are your natural states of being.

Let's make it so in this final module!

Bonus Video Masterclass ~ Mastering your Uplevel

Mastering your Uplevel is a free 3 day masterclass that will help you to maintain the high vibration that's required so you can keep expanding your energy into what you're asking to be, do and have and experience more and overflow of what you want.

We're going to spend 3 days diving deep into your soul/life purpose, your relationship with yourself and money!

Enjoy this free added bonus!

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