Notes on Ascension ~ A Primer for Unity Consciousness PDF Book

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Notes on Ascension ~ A Primer for Unity Consciousness PDF Book

About the Author

Kathryn Mussell is an Elevated Consciousness Coach and 5D Visionary.

Kathryn has been a student of metaphysics and has been studying the spirit realm and elevated consciousness perspectives and principles for over twenty years.

She is a mentor for those who are here to step into a higher level of divine service to others and the planet.

Kathryn works with those who identify as wayshowers, guardians of the New Earth, and visionaries who are bringing light and healing to the planet at this auspicious time of awakening of our human family.

She is passionate about helping others to get free from the challenges, the thoughts, the beliefs, the emotions and the habits that keep them living in the overwhelm of the experiences happening outside of them and give them the tools to redirect power, sovereignty and purpose back into their hands.​

Kathryn has dedicated herself to assisting others in connecting to the truth that they are here to shift into the next level of sharing their innate gifts and talents with joy instead of feeling they are somehow being held back from their highest outcome of abundance, that they are somehow stuck in a grind and not fully engaged with their important work of healing others and the planet.

Kathryn has authored two other books, I Choose This! and Consciousness Mechanics of Ascension ~ Activating and Applying the Technologies of 5D Consciousness to Our 3D Reality Now along with a companion e-course.

Kathryn is the creator of the signature program, Timelines Expanded Masterclass. This dynamic and one of a kind program is an in-depth exploration of the nature of time, timelines, quantum jumping, collapsing, bending, merging and opting out of false time and so much more.

She has created many other programs and courses that you can find here:

You can join her Global Acceleration of Ascension Facebook group here.


Kathryn lives in Lake Tahoe, CA with her husband James and their fur baby, Finn.

To work with Kathryn, contact her here:

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