Notes on Ascension ~ A Primer for Unity Consciousness PDF Book

This is a downloadable PDF version of my new book, Notes on Ascension ~ A Primer for Unity Consciousness and the Great Earth Experiment of Spiritual Awakening.

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About The Book

We are never going to be able to access and sustain an energetic match with the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond if we continue to lock our consciousness into a linear mindset.

This book is arranged in such a way as to trigger your multi-consciousness and multidimensional level of perceiving that is beyond the local, dual and fixed nature of 3D reality. The material shared here is meant to take you on a journey into and out of the ascension spiral of consciousness that links many expressions of you as a multidimensional soul who already resonates with this wisdom.  We are just cueing your conscious self to remember.

The intellectual and rational mind serves to reflect information back to us that is known in the hologram of 3D reality. We must elevate past this ego dominated way of thinking that is linear in nature if we hope to comprehend the layers of consciousness that resonate in the accelerated frequencies of 5D and beyond.

Where this book may seem ‘out of order’ to some of you reading it, that is a nudge letting you know that the rational mind is in control. This information doesn’t serve that level of awareness, but rather confuses and confounds it. You’ll find yourself feeling tight and tense and like you’re wanting to go out of your body as you absorb some of the information here. 

When this happens, take a deep breath, stretch your body, redirect the bulk of your attention and focus to the heart, which is the command center for elevated consciousness. Doing this simple re-routing of your energy will bring you back into the present and back into a state of ease and flow.

However, as I always say, take what resonates and leave the rest.

Work with what speaks to you the most. All that matters is what resonates for you NOW.

Let go of anything else. If you feel challenged by some of the concepts here, you can always come back to them at another time. Do allow yourself to have an open mind and open heart as you read these passages but nothing should feel forced on you here.


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The information in this book has been shared with me through my Spirit Team of Hathors, Arcturians, Sirians, Cassiopeians, Andromedans and Pleiadians and certain Ascended Masters such as Kuan Yin, Saint Germain, Lord Sananda and Lady Nada and the reclaimed soul incarnation of Ascended Mother Earth known as Tara.

These messages have been downloaded, cultivated, translated and refined over time so that I may bring them to you here at a level of coherence with your 3D self. You’ll find no bibliography here as I couldn’t begin to know who to credit!

These messages come through from a collective spectrum, not single entities. The passages in this book function as sum parts of a total and complete Cosmic Energy Activation that unveils coding already in your cellular memory, revealing the Truth of who you really are as a thread of consciousness in the tapestry of the Organic Ascension Matrix and Energy Grid of Pure Source Consciousness. You are a galactic being who is coming home to your true self!

It is from a place of deep love, compassion and service in the name of Unity Consciousness that this wisdom comes to you and with the hope that you will be transformed by it in the most positive way possible for you.

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Notes on Ascension ~ A Primer for Unity Consciousness PDF Book

 About the Author

Kathryn Mussell is an Elevated Consciousness Coach and New Earth Visionary.

Kathryn has been a student of metaphysics and has been studying the spirit realm and elevated consciousness perspectives and principles for over twenty years.

She is an Elevated Consciousness Coach, New Earth Visionary, Author and Speaker.

Her mission and purpose as a compassionate thought leader has been cultivated over two decades worth of teaching, writing, and course creation designed to help people break out of the 3D Matrix limited experience of reality.

Kathryn has dedicated herself to assisting others in connecting to the truth that they are here to shift into the next level of sharing their innate gifts and talents with joy instead of feeling they are somehow being held back from their highest outcome of abundance, that they are somehow stuck in a grind and not fully engaged with their important work of healing others and the planet.

Kathryn has authored two other books, I Choose This! and Consciousness Mechanics of Ascension ~ Activating and Applying the Technologies of 5D Consciousness to Our 3D Reality Now along with a companion e-course.

Kathryn is the creator of the signature program, Timelines Expanded Masterclass. This dynamic and unique program is a stand-alone and in-depth exploration of the nature of time, timelines, quantum jumping, collapsing, bending, merging and opting out of false time and so much more.

To learn more about Kathryn, contact her here:

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